• Flower-bulbs for bees


We will deliver after harvesting, testing and packing the flower bulbs from june/august 2019,
and then delivering will take place daily: from september till january

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WHY flower bulbs for bees?

Their food from the earliest spring
Chosen by beekeepers
Everything from organic growers
Long-range flowering and many stinzenplants
Our attention: living soil, waterquality and health of the bees
Appropriate for honeybees, butterflies, bumblebees and wild bees

We might help the bees with flowering plants
Preferably whole year around
But especially in spring
With flower bulbs you give them a headstart
Because they bloom earlier than everything else

From January up to and including March/April
Honeybees, butterflies, bumblebees and wild bees get
Nectar and pollen from these early flowers
They need it for starting breeding
And with a proper resistance
They’ll be able to cope with the world

As beekeepers we choose
Fundamentally for chemical free cultivated flower bulbs
The regular grower believes to need pesticides
A lot of these pesticides are water soluble
And end up in the pollen and nectar
The bees take that poison with them
and give it to the larvae

Or they are disorientated immediately
And don’t find their way back to their beehive

We give a solution for this problem
All our organic growers work without chemical pesticides
The soil comes alive again
Earthworms are necessary and very welcome and there’s more organic substance
The water stays pure
The water balance of the land improves
They hardly have to irrigate
Larks, oystercatchers, swallows, partridges and hares,
In the air and on the fields life increases
The organic flower bulbs are a little smaller but more healthy and have a better resistance
So they react better on the changing circumstances

For man
Tulips and daffodils make spring colorful
For the bees
We choose from our growers
60 types of BEE-bulbs
Which of these are suitable in your environment?
Take a look at the pictures
Read our experiences
Ask your questions
We are happy to meet you

Team Christall / BioDynamic Beekeepers (BDimkers)