Wood garlic - allium ursinum - grown free of chemicals

May height 14" (35 cm) - 10 pieces

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  • Allium ursinum, our Daslook, is a fully established stinzenplant. Wild garlic is edible and very easy to digest. Do not confuse this leaf with the poisonous Lily-of-the-Valley or Arum: only wild garlic smells like onion or garlic when bruised. Massive to see in forests and at estates. Flowers from the end of April.

    Our allium ursinum comes from a farm / estate in Gelderland where, for more than 55 years, it has been grown on a chemical-free basis. Even all cattle are kept chemically free.

    We ship the wild garlic in a bag with some moist soil. Plant them after a rain shower in a shady spot. Especially in the forest and at the edge of the forest they can grow into a massive green edible plain. The leaves are delicious in salads if you like the mild (garlic) flavor. And that leaf can be harvested for a long time.


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