Bee hotel? Besides nesting place, also offer food!

Flower bulb package for food around the Bee Hotel. 100 pieces grown free of chemicals. Rich in pollen and nectar. Flowering from March to June. Especially for wild bees, butterflies, bumblebees. Also suitable for vegetable garden, orchard, transitiontown,

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  • Flower bulbs bloom earlier than perennials

    Perennials usually don't flower until April. With flower bulbs you already have food for the guests of your bee hotel 2 months earlier. Plant them in a sheltered spot, for in the first sun of spring, the bees like to fly low, it is warmer there and they use less fuel.

    Lots of nectar and pollen

    Flower bulbs are good bee plants, the varieties we offer produce the highest quality pollen and nectar.

    Content: 100 flower bulbs in 10 varieties, flowering from March to June

    Here are the flower bulbs that we recommend for wild bees:

    * 10 crocus Barr's purple, a lila botanical crocus, flowers in Januar

    * 10 chionodoxa white, gleam of white snow, a nice ground cover, March - April

    * 10 puschkinia libanotica - buishyacinth white with porcelain blue stripe, March - April

    * 10 muscari Lady Blue - grape multicolored blue, attracts many different species, including butterflies, May

    * 10 tulipa clusiana Taco - botanical tulip warm yellow with a red touch, lively and high on the legs, May

    * 10 tulipa Little Beauty - botanical tulip with deep blue heart and fuchsia calyx, very special

    * 10 hyacinthoides non scripta pink - wild hyacinth, pink, easy naturalizer, May

    * 10 allium moly Jeannine, yellow exuberant bloomer, many flowers, likes to naturalize, May - June

    * 10 triteleia brodiae corrina, an unknown blue! flower, about 40 cm tall with several flowers

    * 10 allium sphaerocephalon, funny oval ball on a slender stem that colors from green to deep fuchsia, very attractive, you often see several insects at the same time, also butterflies, June

    Exactly on time

    Most wild bees fly from March. The package is tailored to that. Bee hotels give wild bees a nesting place, they look for food in the vicinity. Even hibernating butterflies that have just awakened will be a great pleasure by planting this package in the autumn.

    Grown free of chemicals

    Plant pesticides (poison) can be absorbed by nectar and pollen from plants. That is the reason that we choose exclusively chemical-free grown flower bulbs and also test them ourselves. All growers are EKOcertified and we look very specifically at the effects on butterflies and useful pollinators. They are sensitive to the smallest amounts. We only offer the flower bulbs that we consider healthy for them.

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Tulipa Turkestanica

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Triteleia Brodiaea corrina

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