Butterfly Box -3

Butterfly Box with 50 chemical free grown flowerbulbs. May-Juli.

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  • Chemical free grown flower bulbs, suitable for garden, pot and balcony. Guaranteed Oh and Ah effect, because the large ornamental onions Mount Everest and Purple Sensation are majestic.

    For anyone who likes to see butterflies and also wants to lend a hand to other pollinators with beautiful summer flowers. The Butterfly package has also been compiled by beekeepers, because flowering and insect life have our full attention throughout the year.

    Flowering time

    Flowering time from May to July. There are plenty of butterflies: you will see how well the ornamental onions are visited.

    Place the flower bulbs next to and between your perennials, they exactly catch the transition from spring to summer, there will then be fewer perennials in bloom. The small ornamental onions have a lot of nectar and they easily become wild.

    Moly Jeanine and Unifolium ornamental onion – Prairie Lily camassia Sacajaweja -  large ornamental onion Purple Sensation allium - ornamental onion allium Mount Everest.

    Tip: a nice addition before the start of May; the soft-scented white Tresamble daffodil.

    Nectar and pollen

    Appreciated by by butterflies, bumble bees and bees.

    Grown free of chemicals

    Plant protection products (poison) can move towards nectar and pollen from plants. That is why we opt for exclusively flower-free grown flower bulbs and also test these ourselves. All growers are SKAL certified and we look very specifically at the effects for butterflies and useful pollinators. They are sensitive to the smallest quantities. We only offer flower bulbs that we consider healthy for them. Read more about it? Look at Our quality or Home.

    With these chemically grown flower bulbs you give butterflies the chance to drink rich nectar. The succession in flowering ensures that the butterflies and other pollinators keep coming back.

    Wildering or multi-year flower bulb

    All species love a sunny spot. These are easy flower bulbs, once planting the bulbs in the autumn is enough, they will come back next year. Ornamental Onions Moly Jeanine and Unifolium have multiplied over the years into a flourishing carpet. The large Purple Onion ornamental onion blooms for several years, the Mount Everest ornamental onion also.

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Package Bee Hotel-4

Package Bee Hotel-4

Bloembolpakket voor voedsel rondom het Bijenhotel. 100 stuks chemievrij geteeld. Rijk aan stuifmeel en nectar. Bloei van maart tot in mei. Speciaal voor wilde bijen, vlinders, hommels. Ook geschikt voor moestuin, boomgaard, transitiontown, voedselbos.