Dutch crocus Golden Yellow - grown free of chemicals

Febr - March height 8" (20 cm) - 10 pieces

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  • The earliest flowering crocus and it also makes you happy because it is wonderful when on the first sunny day this bright warm yellow shows itself and you can hear the bees buzzing.

    Indispensable for the first spring feeling, when the birds start singing and you feel like going out, but it is still pretty fresh everywhere and there is no better place to be found than the garden to relax, which the bees visit to find the beloved pollen.


    Yes it is true, mice and deer (oh well, not everyone has them in the backyard) and rabbits have a preference for yellow, and without chemicals they find them extra tasty. Ther’s always the possibility to choose purple and white, or to order an extra portion. However, the yellow crocus did blossom already in may places.

    For the specialists: our yellow crocus is warm yellow, originally a cross between crocus flavus and crocus angustifolia. Partly because of that it is a nice long-lasting bloomer!


    With these flower bulbs grown free of chemicals and that are rich in pollen, you give honey bees the opportunity to build up their breeding nest early and to do their pollination work later in the season. They feed their young with the pollen, the nectar - converted into honey - is their fuel. Wild bees fly from April and also collect pollen for their larvae.

    A succession in flowering ensures that the pollinators keep coming back and can find food close to their nests.


    Plant protection products (poison) can move towards nectar and pollen from the plants. That is why we opt for exclusively free of chemicals grown flower bulbs and also test these ourselves. All growers are certified. We then look very specifically at the effects for the useful pollinators. They are sensitive to the smallest amounts of chemicals. We only offer flower bulbs that we consider healthy for them.

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