Crocus vernus Flower Record - grown without chemicals

Febr - March height 8" (20 cm) - 10 pieces

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  • The warm red-purple Flower Record has the well-known large spherical chalice, a striking luster and is, just like the white Jeanne d Arc and the blue-purple Grand Maitre, rich in pollen for bees.

    Colors well with the misczenko squill, the red-purple striped crocus Pickwick, white crocus Jeanne d Arc, white and pink Glory of the snow and the blue siberian squill.


    Crocusses are visited by honey bees, bumble bees, wild bees and butterflies. Hardly any plant flowers in January and you do the bees a great favor by planting crocuses in autumn. Crocuses have the highest quality of nectar and pollen.


    With these chemically grown flower bulbs that are rich in pollen, you give honey bees the opportunity to build up their nest and resistance early and to do their pollination work later in the season. They feed their young with the pollen, the nectar is their fuel. Wild bees fly from April and also collect pollen for their larvae.

    The succession during flowering ensures that the pollinators continuously return and will find food close to their nests.


    Plant protection products (poison) can move towards nectar and pollen from plants. That is why we opt for exclusively flower-free grown flower bulbs and also test these ourselves. All growers are certified for their organic cultivation methods and we look very specifically at the effects for the useful pollinators. They are sensitive to the smallest quantities. We only offer flower bulbs that we consider healthy for them. Read more about it? Take a look at Quality or Home.


    All species love a sunny spot. These are wild flower bulbs, one time planting will do, they return every year and multiply.


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