Dutch crocus - crocus vernus Grand Maitre -chemical free grown

Febr - March height 8" (20 cm)

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  • Large-flowered Dutch crocus in deep purple color. The yellow flowers blossom at first, quickly followed by solid purple including this Grand Maitre and striped and white varieties. Rich in pollen and nectar. Crocuses are favorite for bees at this time of the year.

    Plant them in a large group, for the bees like to fly on larger quantities. Certainly if you take care to plant them on a wind-sheltered spot in the first spring sun, you help the bees in their aim to collect a lot of pollen and nectar.

    Crocus vernus Grand Maitre – grown without chemicals, all from certified organic growers. They bloom from the beginning of February to March, depending on the temperature. In the beeplants calendars, crocuses get the highest value, namely 5.


    Crocuses respond to the sun by opening wide in the morning on sunny days and closing when the sun goes down. They are very resistant to frost, even when they are already in bloom.


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