A gift package with some special flower-bulbs-for-bees

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A gift package with some special flower-bulbs-for-bees

Because the chemically-free grown flower bulbs are increasingly popular, we advise you to order early. That means from the beginning of March, to avoid disappointment.

We will deliver from the beginning of September. So you will have plenty of time to plant the flower bulbs up to 2 weeks before the (eventually severe) frost invades.

Min: €0 Max: €40

Botanische Tulpjes en Druifjespakket -2

Bloei van maart t/m juni. Inclusief de Little Beauty. 60 stuks, chemievrij geteeld.

€25,00 Unit price: €26,41 / 1

Butterfly Box - 3

Butterfly Box with 50 chemical free grown flowerbulbs. May-Juli.

€40,00 Unit price: €40,00 / 1

Small Beekeeper package -5

Mass flowering January until April. Chemical free grown, 140 pieces. For planting in gardens around a hive. You can make an own choice, this is fast and good. For those first important weeks.

€35,00 Unit price: €35,00 /

Package Bee Hotel-4

Bloembolpakket voor voedsel rondom het Bijenhotel. 100 stuks chemievrij geteeld. Rijk aan stuifmeel en nectar. Bloei van maart tot in mei. Speciaal voor wilde bijen, vlinders, hommels. Ook geschikt voor moestuin, boomgaard, transitiontown, voedselbos.