PACKAGE - Compile your own theme package

We enjoy compiling packages.

Requests arrived to make up packages for a workshop planting flower bulbs in a basket, set up mix for a schoolyard and orchard, or planting all balconies or tree mirrors in the street with the neighbours. Enough ideas and you can always contact us for this by mail or 0031-6-40614320.

We also have the Flowering Guide where you can find all flower bulb types in order of flowering. You can choose here on color, on location, etc. Very handy, however ... sometimes there is still a lot to choose. We make it easier for you.

Quickly put together your package yourself

If you see a theme that appeals to you and you mark this you will see what we mean. For example, for the sunny spring or pink summer mix, we show a few species that fit together well in color and flowering order.

  1. Start in the handy Bloom Guide
  2. Scroll in the (left) menu to "compile your package yourself"
  3. Choose your theme: mark one box at a time
  4. Now see in your screen which bulbs we propose to you
  5. Click on the photo of the desired bulb, you will come to the description
  6. Choose the package and quantity here
  7. Return to the Flowering Guide and repeat until you are satisfied.

And voilá, in the fall you will receive the bulbs and you can start planting.