De Weissenseifener hangkorf, een alternatief (Dutch)

The most suitable housing for the honey bees? The Sunhive travels through the world. With experiences from NL-beekeepers (In Dutch).

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    Artist Gunther Mancke, friend of the late Joseph Beuys, goes in search of a suitable housing (skin) for the bee organism and comes to a design of her own that has since been found throughout the world. In English the housing is called the 'Sunhive'. You can find many videos on YouTube about this special bee housing


    Why do beekeepers put the egg-shaped bee organism in a cubic or rectangular box? There are many practical reasons for the beekeeper, but not for the bee organism. That is stuck with 8 blind spots, which can heat it more difficult and it is also easy to hide pests or might even settle there.

    Gunther Mancke went looking for a logical optimum bee housing. The beekeeper who has read this booklet will never be able to forget that a bee organism needs a suitable form of skin and that it looks different from the cubic form of the pragmatic thinking beekeeper.

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