Bluebell - hyacinthoides non-scripta Blue -chemicalfree grown

May height 14" (35 cm) - 20 pieces

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  • We apologize for not yet having translated the description of the flower bulbs. With our small team we will try to realize it soon.

    However, you can already order. The prices and pictures will hopefully provide sufficient information.

    Ordering is possible (unless the sold out sign is shown). We are now working on the translation of the specifications from Dutch to English. If you like to know more about the specifications, switch the language in the middle on the top of this page to 'NL' and copy the information. Paste it into and you will see the Dutch information translated into the language you prefer.

    the beekeepers of

    ** This flowerbulb is available for all english speaking beekeepers and gardeners. However, we have a request to inhabitants of the British continent:  though it is the smallflowered wild type, and not the large flower higher stem spanisch type, this hyacinthoides non-scripta blue is not the same as your unique woodflower Bluebell. We feel a responsabitity and prefer to keep your plantlife pure and avoid mixing up the marvellous Bluebells by cross pollination with any other type than the original Bluebell.  Though the non-scripta very much looks like it, we advise not to plant this flowerbulb variety on the British continent and/ or specifically not in the neighbourhood of nature reserves.

    NB: We don't ship this sort to Great-Britain to protect its bluebells !

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