Snowflake - Leucojum Aestivum Gravitye Giant - chemicalfree grown

April - May height 20" (50 cm)

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  • We apologize for not yet having translated the description of the flower bulbs. With our small team we will try to realize it this spring 2019.

    However, you can already order. The prices and pictures will hopefully provide sufficient information.

    Ordering is possible (unless the sold out sign is shown). We are now working on the translation of the specifications from Dutch to English. If you like to know more about the specifications, switch the language in the middle on the top of this page to 'NL' and copy the information. Paste it into and you will see the Dutch information translated into the language you prefer.

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Hyacinthoides non-scripta White

Hyacinthoides non-scripta White

May height 14" (35 cm)

Narcis Calgary,  double

Narcis Calgary, double

End April - Mayi height 18" (45 cm)

Erythronium pagoda

Erythronium pagoda

April height 12"-16" (30-40 cm)

Fritillaria meleagris

Fritillaria meleagris

April - May height 12" (30 cm)

Narcissus Tresamble,  triandrus

Narcissus Tresamble, triandrus

End April - May height 18" (45 cm)

Narcis Tahiti,  double

Narcis Tahiti, double

April height 20" (50 cm)

Narcissus Recurvus poeticus

Narcissus Recurvus poeticus

Mid april - may height 16" (40 cm)

Camassia leichtlinii sacajawea

Camassia leichtlinii sacajawea

End May - July height 32" (80 cm)