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Bees indicate how things are with our environment. When the year is in full bloom, there is balance, balance and prosperity. In fact, only the surplus that the bees realize in honey could be sold. The honey that remains after Easter, which the bees did not themselves need in the winter, is a gift to humans in this way. Honey can be tasted like wine, an impression of the landscape in taste and smell with unprecedented variations.

“Beekeepers don't have to do anything else to keep their bees healthy other than sowing, sowing, sowing and planting, planting, planting. Improve the gestation environment (flowers that give nectar and pollen), everything else can be done by the bees themselves. ”From the biodynamic point of view we want to contribute to the health of bees in view of their significance for nature and humans. Not honey extraction but the health of bees is our priority. Our landscape should be able to support them. Thanks to them, a large part of our food is possible due to pollination and fruiting.

Flower bulbs are the first bloomers. They are the announcements of early spring. They offer the best and first food for honey bees. But also for wild bee species, butterflies and bumble bees when the latter come out of their hibernation and go in search. In the spring, they need nectar and pollen to be able to build a 'home', lay eggs and thus provide for offspring.

As BDimkers (biodynamic beekeepers) we thought as follows:

The soil is disastrous due to all chemicals and often completely dead.
Many farmers want to switch and grow organically, but the products have to be purchased. They are more expensive due to being able to grow less intensively, which means a lower yield and more work to fertilize / compost properly. more intensive farming.
Bees and other beneficial insects (the pollinating insects) are threatened in their survival.

Chemically grown flower bulbs? Then we hit three birds with one stone (excuse for the nasty expression). That's it. That is good for the bees and good for the earth and good for the pioneering farmer. Chemistry-free cultivation works everywhere, in drinking water, in the soil, biodiversity increases, etc .. If the bees get good food in the spring, they will have strength if much more flowers later in the season. Bees pollinate, there are more plants, there is more room for wild bees, for the specific species that they need again, for other insects and with that more food for the birds. Honey bees are a basic condition for all life.

We cordially invite you to make this possible.

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Yvonne Endhoven and Theo Georgiades

Heiloo / Alphen aan den Rijn


As initiators, we would also like to thank everyone who helped make this webshop possible and cooperates with us!