Small Beekeeper package 01 - 100% Chemicalfree grown.

140 chemicalfree grown flowerbulbs. 7 varieties. Early Spring. Starterspackage . January - April. For planting in gardens around a beehive . You can choose your own species, this package is fast and good. Provides food in those important weeks with a lot

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  • Small beekeeper package 01: Bee mixture around beehive or hive

    Chemicalfree grown flower bulbs. 140 pcs. Flowering time January, February, March and April.

    Package with beautiful and good varieties. Some even only available from us, such as the white Snow Bunting in the crocus mix.


    *20 crocus tommasinianus mix, January February
    *20 crocus vernus Grand Maitre, February
    *20 crocus vernus King of the Striped, February
    *20 tulipa tarda, March - April*20 Muscari latifolium, April
    *20 tulipa Praestans Zwanenburg, April
    *20 muscari armeniacum, April

    Would you like to extend the flowering time? These go perfectly along: the botanical tulips Taco, Tinka and Bronze Charm; the wild hyacinth; alliums such as ornamental onion Moly Jeannine or the marvellous sphaerocephalon.


    Beekeepers know how important the very first pollen is to honeybees and their health. By generously planting flower bulbs you lay the best foundation for a good development of the colonies. For example, they reach maturity early and are at strength to pollinate the fruit and other crops when they come into bloom.


    Great package for a beekeeper with a single cupboard, for the neighbors or in the vegetable garden. In this way you contribute to early food for and the survival of honey bees. A beekeeper cannot do it alone, and pollination by bees is very important to all of us. Without the pollination of bees, no apples, pears, berries, nuts and many other tasty things. And what's so nice, these flower bulbs also attract the happily buzzing bumblebee queens and the first butterflies.

    Flower bulbs are a huge boost in the spring, honey bees and bumblebees can quickly build their nests and you will see many workers populating your garden.


    Crocuses have the highest nectar and pollen value (5). This is evident from a comparison of gestation plants, in which the values ​​have been clearly compiled in a publication by the BD-beekeepers.


    Crop pesticides (poisons) can be absorbed by nectar and pollen from plants. That is the reason that we choose exclusively chemical-free grown flower bulbs and also test them ourselves. All growers are already EKO certified and we look very specifically at the effects on the useful pollinators. They are sensitive to the smallest amounts. Want to read more about that? Look at Our quality, or Home.

    100% Chemicalfree grown flower bulbs, tested by beekeepers, are safe and reliable.

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