Tulip Daffodil Mix Package - redyelllowcreme -5- grown without chemicals

Special varieties, 80 chemical-free grown flower bulbs of daffodil and tulip

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  • Enjoy the cheerful note in yellow, white, soft red and warm red in spring! These special varieties have been chosen because they all offer something extra. As frequent visitors of the fields to our organic growers, but also to Limmen bulborum (recommended) and the Keukenhof, we are constantly inspired.

    CONTENT: 80 chemically-grown tulips and daffodils

    * 10 Tulip Stresa, midle height Tulip in red and yellow

    * 10 warm red tulip Red Impression, one of the earliest tulips, very long, large calyx

    * 10 narcissus Minnow, multi-flowered and soft yellow

    * 20 forest tulip Sylvestris, botanical tulip since 1530

    * 10 daffodil Replete with its multi-colored heart, an unknown beauty, early flowering

    * 10 red tulip Sanquin, a very long flowering, scarlet red tulip

    * 10 daffodil Martinette, daffodil with 4 flowers per stem, and wonderfully scenting



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Narcis Dutch Master,  trumpet

Narcis Dutch Master, trumpet

April height 16" (40 cm)

Tulipa Swiss Dream

Tulipa Swiss Dream

May height 15 cm Triumph

Camassia leichtlinii caerulea

Camassia leichtlinii caerulea

Mai - Juny height 28" (70 cm)

Narcis Sailboat,  jonquilla

Narcis Sailboat, jonquilla

April height 10" (25 cm)

Allium grandiflorum Christophii

Allium grandiflorum Christophii

May - June height 24" (60 cm)

Allium grandiflorum Mount Everest

Allium grandiflorum Mount Everest

May-June height 24" (60 cm)

Scilla siberica

Scilla siberica

March - April height 6" (15 cm)