Tulipa Clusiana Tinka - chemical free grown

April - May height 16" (40 cm) - 10 bulbs

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  • Tulip clusiana Tinka has been on our wish list for a long time and she is back! You often see her in the bee mixes that start with crocuses, then Glory of thye snow with narcissus tete a tete followed by a third serie with these and other botanical tulips. A graceful cup on a slender stalk, a color strip extra like a summer bob, we so much like her. After sunset she is like a lady in a ballgown.


    Originally, flower bulb cultivation focused on long-stemmed tulips, daffodils and the large-flowering hyacinths. Everything else was called BIJGOED. Although it meant that everything else was likeonly an addition, it is quite a nice name for all those flowerbulbs full of nectar and pollen.

    We are happy that a number of growers have opted for fully organic cultivation and that we can now offer so many varieties. The choice varies a bit every year, so take your chance and invite Tinka in your garden, balcony or flower pot. She will be visited by bees, butterflies, bumble bees and wild bees.



    Plant protection products (poison) can move towards nectar and pollen from plants. That is why we opt for exclusively flower-free grown flower bulbs and also test these ourselves. All biologically working growers are already SKAL certified and we look very specifically at the effects for the useful pollinators and butterflies. After all, they are sensitive to the smallest quantities.

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